Natural Woods

A natural wonder of driftwood and bleached reclaimed woods is a little short on mystique, like twigs from a nearby tree or boards that fell off a fishing pier. It can can also be a ghost from a distant forest, a shipwreck, transformed by its adventures into something timeless and beautiful.

A truly magical element with an almost mystical quality, suited to any interior, never looking out of place against a pure white backdrop in a minimalist scheme.


Wicker is a century old art form, a finished product made from natural materials such as rattan, rush, banana, bark, willow, and others. Its lightweight will suit any style and each piece will find a way to blend with existing decor or become a welcome enhancement to a new space.

Modern elegance combined with old world splendour Wicker has a place in any decor.


Linen helps to create a look that instantly makes people feel at home and creates a laid back feel. Tones that reflect a natural landscape , like pinks, faded blues, mossy greens and local greys, whites and off-whites all look lovely and can soften any harsh minimalist overtones. To ensure things stay timeless it’s better to opt for plain colours in neutral shades. Save the patterns for cushions, rugs and other accents. 

Unique Pieces

Imperfect wooden pieces that show the history on its surface or pieces that are upcycled and painted will give you a perfect mix of comforting and comfortable, truly commanding attention and will make a fabulous talking point.  Just perfect for bringing a touch of rustic charm to any interior.

To keep things feeling fresh and current one can add the odd contemporary piece. The key is to stick to a charming, relaxed feel without becoming outdated.

White Finishes

White is my favourite colour, associated with light, goodness, and freshness. It is considered to be the colour of perfection, is expansive and reflective, reflecting all light making spaces appear larger. White in the main interior always impresses because it is simple, light and elegant.

It looks stunning when teamed with black, natural furniture and accessories.  It is refreshing and cool in hot environments.

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Bohemian eclectic style mixed with modern Scandinavian elements, natural products from Africa.

Cottons, linen fabrics and silks, wicker work, natural woods, with an emphasis on white, black and natural colours, and selected vintage pieces.

Elaborate natural materials, rich fabrics, a classical Mediterranean style with African and Asian twists…Creating spaces filled with calm and a sense of peace.